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Molly Dunnigan

About Molly

Molly has been cutting hair for over 12 Years. She studied at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis. After being an apprentice and then working as an employee for five years, she decided to become an independent contractor. She rented a chair at a Salon in Woodbury while continuing to grow her clientele as well as managing the salon.

Curly hair has always been a passion which led her to become a certified Deva Curl and Ouidad stylist. She has also taken advanced training in Balayage, and Foiling techniques. She will be training in New York at the Deva Curl headquarters, this winter 2019. At every appointment she tries to provide a warm and relaxing atmosphere, while listening and taking the time to provide each client with a service designed just for them.

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The Studio

Molly decided to further expand her business, by opening up Botticelli Curls Hair Studio, which is a one chair salon suite. She is the only stylist as well as owner, and has been working out of the space for the last two years.

Botticelli Curls is located in suite 9 inside of Salons by JC Woodbury. The building has a total of 50 suites all run by local business owners in the beauty industry.

Molly Dunnigan